Betty Kyallo’s Handsome Bae Unmasked[Photos]

After a number of relationships Drama, the TV girl Betty Kyallo finally fell in Love with a man she has been adamant to expose to the world. She has been keeping Kenyans in suspense by sharing only suggestive pictures and hiding the face of her lover completely.

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When Kenyans dedicate their time into scrutinizing people’s lives, they will reveal the finest detail. Even a one-day pregnancy would be unearthed. It is strange how People could tell that Tanasha Donna was pregnant even before the baby bump protruded.

Forget about Tanasha, Kenyans have been asking Betty Kyallo to reveal her new Bae for some months since she started sharing cropped pictures of him.


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Just like the Ugandan socialite Zari, Betty Kyallo tired to hide his man’s face, Little did she know that Kenyans are smarter than South Africans, and it was a matter of months and they reveal the guy.

Betty Vs Zari’s Challenge[Courtesy Instagram]
Some time back, Betty Kyallo shared a picture of her and the man and used an emoji to hide his face leaving his curly hair to the public to admire. This picture and the curly hair is what Led social media inlaws to investigate on who Betty could be dating.

Betty Kyallo and her Bae [Instagram]
Now, this is the man alleged to be Betty Kyallos Lover, and to be honest, he has curly hair and light skin.

From social media, here are some clear photos of the man.

Courtesy Instagram
Courtesy Instagram

Despite the fact that Betty has not confirmed that the alleged guy is her current lover, a few indicators from the social media show that the two could be having a connection.

Thes include; Betty Kyallo liking the man’s photos on social media, and both following each other on social media.

If this is true then Betty must have a special liking for light skin handsome men

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