Waititu on the spot again with another sham budget

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Kiambu County government was forced to revise its 2018/19 Supplementary Budget which on Monday was presented to the public to give their submissions ahead of its presentation to the county Assembly today.

This comes after Milimani Commercial Court nullified the original budget earlier this month following a successful legal redress by some MCAs who said no public participation was held before it was passed.

However, the public has now accused Ferdinand Waititu’s government of rushing the revision of the budget, saying nothing much had changed from the original estimates.

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The agitated residents said there was no way they would have understood the content of the more than 300-pages document which was distributed to them minutes before the oral submissions were made.

In a rejoinder, interim Finance committee chairman Daniel Ngugi insisted the Sh16,914,352,387 budget had addressed all the contentious issues raised in court.

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One MCA accused the county government saying the recurrent expenditure was fraudulent.

“We are told that the recurrent expenditures is high because workers have had their salaries increased and that more workers have been employed. This is a lie because the Executive is looking for funds to cover up for the Sh700 million lost through the infamous Kaa Sober programme,” the MCA was quoted by People Daily.

The MCAs are now accusing Waititu and his government saying that more than Sh1.5 billion had been misappropriated. 

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Kiambu had been on the spot last month after a senate committee task Waititu to explain bizarre budget that had shocked the country.

In the report, Kiambu budget had allegedly allocated funds to peacekeeping in South Sudan, allocated funds to retired presidents, free primary education and shown some funds went to the state house.

However, Babayao maintained that his county didn’t plan or made any expenditures as exposed by Auditor General.

Auditor General Edward Ouko was forced to come out and declare he was wrong.

According to Ouko, the problem occurred because they had used the wrong template, which generates the information that was used by the auditor.

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The bizarre report had exposed Kiambu, Kakamega, Kitui, Nyeri and Kirinyaga counties for spending hundreds of millions of shillings on non-issues.

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