Harmonize suffering from ‘dryspell’ amid Ramadhan period 


Wasafi Singer Harmonize has hinted on the struggle he is going through during this Ramadhan season with his wife Sarah being distant from him.

Harmonize had earlier revealed that he would allow his lover Sarah to travel during Ramadhan so that he may not get tempted to engage with her sexually.

Being a Muslim, the singer had been questioned on whether he will be strict in terms of abstaining from getting intimate with his lover and he made it clear that he will honour the Ramadhan regulations.

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In a recent post on his Instastory, Harmonize says that he misses his wife “I miss my wife this Ramadhan period” he wrote on his post

The couple has pretty much been serving their fans with relationship goals and Harmonize recently proposed to Sarah in Italy.

Despite what would seem like differences; the couple being from different cultures and religion, they seem to be getting along pretty well.

In regard to his wedding, Harmonize had earlier mentioned that they are not ready with the plans yet but there are higher chances of them conducting an Islamic wedding.

The Singer says that he was raised as a Muslim and although Sarah’s late date was a Christian,her mother is Muslim.

With this blend and understanding between the couple; they are seemingly having a smooth time in terms of decisions concerning their relationship.

His hint on missing his wife could probably be because of their closeness but speculations arise on whether he has been hit by dryspell.

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