Gospel Artiste Mr Seed set to release new album

After the success of  ‘Simama’ Gospel Artiste Mr Seed is set to release a new album.

This coming soon album will serve as his first ever in his music career.

The artiste is currently one of the celebrated gospel musicians and many believe that he is among the best.

He is popularly known for his songs,  Upo, Dundaa among others hit songs and his contribution in the gospel industry is highly notable.

Mr Seed says that he has been working on his album for two years now and he is still not done yet.

Through the creation  process of his album and generally his music journey Mr Seed says that he has learnt to be patient and to wait on God.

Mr Seed also added that he has put a lot of hardwork, sleepless nights, stress, discouragement but he is still pushing.

He also promises  that this album is going  to be one of a kind and it is probably one of the most anticipated album from the gospel industry.

The Singer shared the news with his fans on his Instastory although he  did not disclose the album details and date of it’s release.

“I have been working on my album for two years now..am not yet done but am almost..kwa hii journey av learnt to be patient and to wait on God..Av put a lot of  hardwork, sleepless nights,stress, discouragements but am still pushing…This album is going to be one of a kind..Legend in the making!! Mr Seed again” he wrote on his post

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