Mayonde opens up about her married life

Celebrated Kenyan Singer Mayonde has for the opened up about her marriage life and revealed the most exciting thing about it.

The Singer is married to Mbithi Masya, a creative director and member of Just a Band.

Mayonde says that the most interesting thing about marrying her first love is growing with someone and understanding how different dynamics work together.

The Artiste is also fascinated about seeing the evolution of someone and at the same time, the life partner is a witness to her growth as well.

“The most exciting things about marrying my first love is  growing with someone  and seeing them embody their greatness, grow into themselves, understanding how money and intimacy work together and learning as you go along,” she said during an interview

Mayonde has been together with her husband for years and she says that dynamics in the relationship have changed over time.

The Singer revealed that as a couple they have both got to understand and know each other more than how they did before.

“The Isukuti love’ hit maker says  she has become in sync with her husband more and they are really enjoying life together.

On whether she plans on getting children in the future, Mayonde says that they are figuring out how to take care of themselves better and she has not really thought whether she is ready.

She, however, feels that at some point, she thinks that she will be ready to have children.

Have a look at her full interview


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