Another win as Teacher Tabichi’s students win converted UN Global Award

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A month ago teacher Peter Tabichi was celebrated all over the world after he emerged best world teacher winning a global award parting with Ksh 100 million.

The Maths and Physics teacher who has now done it again after two of his students Esther Anyanzwah and Salome Njeri from Keriko Secondary School were named as the winners of the first UN Sustainable Development Goal Award for outstanding research in the US.

The two students are said to have invented a device that will help the visually impaired to learn maths and science. The students have been at the event that has been ongoing in Pheonix USA which saw hundreds of students from all over the world compete with projects that aim to improve the STEM subjects.

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According to an early report, the two girls walk a distance of up to 7Km to school on a daily basis but have worked hard and managed to overcome the challenges to represent their school and the country in one of the largest science fairs in the world.

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The winning students are expected to be awarded a shared prize and money of approximately Ksh400 million.



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