Four times Eric Kiraithe Shocked Kenyans

Immediate former Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe addressing media at KICC on September 6, 2017

Eric Kiraithe has had an interesting career as a Police spokesperson and later a government spokesperson. His job has literally put him in the public limelight. But how did he perform? Let us just say he has been one of the most controversial figures in recent times.

As Police spokesperson, Kiraithe had a hard time explaining the excessive force used by police during the 2007/8 Post Election Violence. A journalist captured a policeman gunning down a demonstrator in Kisumu, in footage that became the face of the PEV. But in a shocking turn of events, Kiraithe said the footage was computer generated.

In 2017, Tanzania decided to confiscate cows and chicken belonging to Kenyans and auctioned them in one of the most daring provocations in East Africa. But Kiraithe said the auctioning would not affect the relationship between Kenya and Tanzania.

In 2018, Kiraithe received backlash after defending Chinese contractors who were accused of mistreating Kenyans working on the SGR.

He stated that the staff pictured as being mistreated were going through orientation so as to gain the military standard discipline to run the project.

Kiraithe further asked Kenyans to bear with and appreciate the work the Chinese were doing in the management of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

“Whereas the government is at hand to protect the individual rights and dignity of every Kenyan, the inward-looking ‘haki yetu’ (self-seeking) workplace culture has no place in the Madaraka Express, neither now, nor in future,” the Spokesman spoke at KICC.

Last year, Kiraithe was asked why the Integrated Financial and Information System (IFMIS) had failed in Kenya, with the government losing billions of money. Kiraithe in his own wisdom said that it is because ICT is relatively new in Kenya.

Today President Uhuru appoints him a senior officer in the same ICT docket. Watu huvuta nini lakini?

Let us not forget the statement he issued after US President Donald Trump called Africans ‘Sh**h*les. Did he have to issue such a stupid and unwarranted statement?

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