Waiguru directs her wrath at Kerugoya hospital management

A day after the Kirinyaga Member of Parliament Wangui Ngirici attacked Governor Ann Waiguru over the embarrassing state of Kerugoya Hospital, the Governor has finally responded over the matter.

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According to Governor Waiguru, the senior Medical Officers at Kerugoya Hospitals are to blames for neglecting the hospital. She further added saying that a report by the Medical board has ordered for disciplinary measures against six officers responsible for the medical facility’s state.

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“An investigation was done and discovered that the finance department at the hospital never received the money to buy the hospital equipment, this means there were plans to buy cheap medical equipment with the money.”

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Waiguru was speaking while she toured the facility when she further added saying that measures have been implemented not only in Kerugoya Hospital but even in other medical facilities to ensure there are of good standards to cater for the people of Kirinyaga County.

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Her statement came after MP Wangui Ngirici attacked her demanding a report to know what happened to the County funds that were meant for the development of the Kerugoya Hospital.

She further called for a thorough audit of the funds which will give answers to the bad state of the hospital.

In addition, she demanded that Kerugoya hospital 200 casual workers who were laid off  be reinstated or paid for damages


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