Murang’as Police Warder Death Takes a new turn! ‘Killer friend’ Uncovered

The death of the 24-year old Pauline Wangari in her rented house which was discovered on Wednesday, May 15 morning left many people shocked.

The late Pauline who was, a constable at Murang’ a GK Prison, was murdered in a bizarre manner. She was found naked on her bed, with her entire bed soaked in blood.  she had been stabbed multiple times in the head, abdomen, and around the neck.

She also had a roll of bhang stuffed between her lips and a kitchen knife stuffed in her palm

Suspect Uncovered

However, police have uncovered the key suspect of the murder through the help of footage captured by CCTV Cameras.

The footage featured a middle-aged man, with a  tattoo on his neck entering the late Pauline’s house at around 9 pm on Monday, and leaving at 3 am on Tuesday.  The late Pauline was living in a rented house in Kiharu which had a CCTV.


Wangari’s friend who saw the CCTV footage claimed that she knew the man and he was Pauline’s friend

Pauline’s death was discovered on Wednesday morning by her friends who went to check on her after she missed work on Tuesday.

They were however welcomed by a sad state of a lifeless body lying naked on the bed.

Investigations to nab the suspect is ongoing


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