Gov Mutua blasts Uhuru, asks him to stop making excuses and deal with corruption

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has now asked President Kenyatta to stop making excuses to why corrupt people cannot be brought to book.

While speaking to journalists, Dr Mutua Said that the president has no more excesses to say that they can not deal with Corruption due to systems or agencies since there are people out there with unexplainable wealth and need to explain the sources.

He further said that there was a case where one politician gave money in Central Kenya which was still wet and needed to be dried in the sun.”If such money is brought in that state that means it is suspicious and needs to be investigated,” said Mutua

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Mutua also said that the money can be used in the counties for development as it is public funds.

His statement came a time when a number of Politicians have been dragged in Corruption Scandals but no action has been taken.

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However, the President has maintained his stand to fight graft and bring the people misusing public funds to book.

Just recently Raila Odinga promised Kenyans a brand new Kenya as soon as him and Uhuru Kenyatta are done with the corrupt cartels who are dragging the development of the country.


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