Sharon Otieno’s family afraid DPP could be trying to conceal Obado’s actions

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A day before the start of murder of slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno, the family has expressed misgivings about the decision by the Office of Director of Public Prosecution’s (ODPP) decision to drop a conspiracy to murder charge against Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

Their concern came on the eve of the resumption of the case on Tuesday at the High Court. The family says the decision to drop the charge last October was suspect.

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Obado, his personal assistant Michael Oyamo and County Clerk Caspal Obiero are expected in court today for double homicide.

The prosecution has lined up over 30 witnesses. 

However, the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jacob Ondari, who confirmed to have received a letter on the family’s concern from lawyer George Wajackoya, dispelled the  fears saying the offence (of murder) was complete and it did not matter whether the suspects actually killed or someone else did it on their behalf.   

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“The offence of murder is complete and that is what we are trying at the High Court. The High Court cannot try both charges,” he said, adding that the conspiracy charge could only be tried in a lower court.

“The charge was dropped since it could be tried in a lower court, later,” he added but did not rule out the possibility of charging the three with additional charges, adding that the conspiracy charge had been held in abeyance.

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The family, through Wajackoya, in a letter dated April 29, 2019, raised the red flag over the failure by the DPP to include the charge on conspiracy to commit murder, saying it might be “a deliberate move to weaken the case by creating a loophole for the suspects to navigate their way around.”

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The family however insists that the second and third accused, Oyamo and Obiero, have taken advantage of what he termed the loophole to petition the court to discharge them of the murder charges.

The three were charged with killing Sharon and her unborn baby. The deceased was found dead near Kodera Forest in Homa Bay county, two days after she went missing on September 3, 2018.

The letter follows a similar one written to the DPP by Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida) on October 3, 2018.

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Fida executive director Teresa Omondi had also questioned the DPP’s failure to include the charges of conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to commit a felony and accessory after the  act of murder.

The DPP has not responded to the two letters, but on Monday Ondari said they are looking into the concerns of both Sharon’s family and Fida.

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