Paul Scholes blasts United’s attacking trio for lack of identity and sluggardness

Manchester United recent loss of form has been under a lot of scrutinies for the right reasons as a club that is rated as one of the best in Europe but fast losing the glory.

The blame has in most of the instances been directed to the keeper De Gea who happens to be the last man on the pitch after the defender.

But wait a minute, where does the ball come from before it reaches his end? Most definitely from the mid and the defender.

If a goalkeeper is not well shielded from the ball reaching him, he’s likely going to allow goals in which could be the case with United.

The Defense is very weak and the only player working out diligently is Luke haw.

But that is not enough, the attacking side trio of Lukaku Martial and Lingard has been totally blunt in the last like ten matches managing to score only four goals.

This trend has infuriated Paul Scholes who has accused Manchester United of a “lack of identity” and said the club’s current forwards are simply not good enough.

Former United midfielder Scholes did not hold back in his scathing appraisal of the current squad, currently sixth, 27 points behind leaders Manchester City.

United are facing the prospect of missing out on the Champions League for the fourth time in six years, with Ole Gunnar Solskajer’s side needing to win their final two games to have any chance of a top-four finish.

Scholes said it was time for United forwards Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Romelu Lukkau to start producing on a consistent basis, after falling short of expectations this season.

Rashford has three goals in his last 15 games, Martial one in 10, while Lukaku has failed to find the net in his last eight appearances for United.

“I think it’s a confusing club and a confusing squad of players at the minute,” said Scholes, who quit as Oldham boss last month after just 31 days.

“I always think of United and at big clubs, you’re only as good as your centre-forwards are and your attacking players. “I’m not sure whether these attacking players are good enough.

“We talk about the potential with Martial, Rashford, but you’re getting to a point now where it’s not potential, you have to start producing week in, week out.

“Lukaku, I’m not sure if he’s a top-class centre-forward that’s going to score you 30 goals to win you a league. There’s confusion with the forwards.“When I played we had four centre-forwards, who were brilliant, and they were centre-forwards.

“You look now and you’ve got Lukaku, who’s definitely a centre-forward, but then you’ve got Martial, Rashford, Sanchez.

“Are they centre-forwards? Are they wide players? There’s confusion all over the pitch. A lack of identity.”

As well as up front, Scholes said United have issues to address at the back, with the need for a centre-half of stature to come in and play alongside Victor Lindelof, in addition to a right-back.

“If Lindelof can get a tough and aggressive defender next to him, I think they’ll be okay,” Scholes told Premier League Productions.

“They definitely need a right-back. Ashley Young has done well, converted from a winger.“He’s struggled in the last few weeks but mainly he’s been alright over the last few years.”

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