Netizens Tease Waiguru as She meets her look-alike UNSA chair


After the much-awaited ‘reunion’ Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiuru on Thursday met her look-alike Anne Mwangi Mvurya the new University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) chairperson with the team when they paid a courtesy call at her Kirinyaga County Offices.

This comes after the much publicized resemblance of Ann Waiguru with Anne Mwangi shortly after the later was announced The UNSA chairperson in March.

Speaking after a meeting with the new team of UNSA officials, Waiguru noted that she shares a lot with Mvurya who is also passionate about women in leadership.​

“It is said that everybody has at least one person whom they strongly resemble. Had an intriguing meeting with newly elected UNSA chair and we share quite a bit in common including a shared passion for more women in political leadership,” she said.

During the meeting, the governor was also presented with a portrait done by Karinge Mbugua and affirmed her support for youth leadership, challenging the officials to be leaders of integrity.

However Netizens teased the county’s governor as they likened Waiguru’s situation to that of the Kakamega ‘twins’ and some joked that she should also seek DNA tests since Mvurya might be her sister. Here are some of the comments from Twitter:

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