Untold story of ‘Baby Kiano’ abduction by police: Child Welfare cartel twist

After police denied abducting a child from a Westlands apartment on Friday, April 5, the guardians of ‘Baby Kiano’ after come out to refute the officers assertions.

They now claim that the kidnappers were police officrs but they didn’t have badges and only one flashed a business card. They wore hoodies and took Kiano away with them.

The guardians, Matt and Daisy rushed to the Spring Valley Police station to file a kidnapping report t and we were informed that the child had been “rescued” from child traffickers by officers from Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

The two were then accused of being child traffickers and misleading the Children’s Court of Kenya with fraudulent medical reports, but they haven’t been interrogated by the police or arrested.

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Matt and Daisy have now come out to share their side of the story as below;

“Daisy met and fell in love with Baby Kiano three years ago as Daisy was volunteering at a Children’s Home. When they met Kiano he was six months but looked like a newborn, he only weighed 4.5 kilos.

“Kiano had lung problems; he had problems eating and ended up staying at Gertrude’s children’s hospital ICU for 10 days when he was about 7 months old.

“Because he was very sickly, his medication was expensive and the children’s home thought he would die; they told Daisy she could live with Kiano and take care of him. Daisy and Matt applied to become his legal guardians through the Nairobi Children’s Court.

“They got full guardianship for Baby Kiano in April of 2017. Now their baby has been snatched from them.

“The constant harassment of the couple is a breach of the law. They are the LEGAL court appointed guardians. Removal of the child is an act of sheer impunity. There is NO law that says a foreigner cannot adopt. The position that international adoptions were stopped is an act of the Minister.

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Not an act of law! The idea that it is immoral to allow foreigners to adopt Kenya babies is nothing short of ridiculous. It is like saying Kenyans should not marry or be married by white people or foreigners. We cannot legislate matters of love, in my opinion. And few mothers have loved or been devoted to their kids as Daisy.” Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Kagwiria Mbogori.

They now blame a cartel run by Irene Mureithi CEO of the Child Welfare Society. She allegedly lied that Kiano was a victim of trafficking and orchestrated the kidnapping of Baby Kiano.

Watch the full video below:

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