Tutaonana Baadaye! Tony Ngare’s widow mourns

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It’s been weeks since the fatal Ethiopian crash claimed the lives of 149 people among them Anthony Ngare, who was an employee with Standard Group. He served as the sub-editor for the Pulse magazine.

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Before his untimely death, he had shared a touching letter from his daughter who was confessing her undying love for her dad. According to him such gestures gave him the zeal to move on.


I was handed this letter by my eight year old daughter this morning. I read it and I almost let out a tear. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me going.

Ngare's daughters Sandrine and Rose

Hundreds of mourners thronged the home of Antony Wanjohi Ngare for a memorial service. The service led by the Catholic clergy was held at Burguret village in Kieni constituency of Nyeri County where Ngare was born.


During the service his daughters Sandrine and Rose eulogized their dad describing him as a loving dad and promised to keep his passion in education burning.


His wife Jane Nyambura on the other hand recalled how excited she was to see him home but that was never to be. Her tribute was read on her behalf by Ms Beatrice Wangari.

“I had prepared him his favourite dish-chapatis as I was expecting him back that day but it was not to happen,” said his widow Ms Jane Nyambura in an emotional tribute.

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