Bahati disapproves video vixen career for daughter Heaven

Gospel Artist Bahati has expressed disapproval over the video vixen career for his daughter Heaven.

Bahati’s daughter is just one yet has a huge following on social media, something that shows that she has potential to be a big brand.

Bahati had earlier said that he would allow the daughter to do what she is passionate about when she grows up but is seemingly against  the video vixen career.

A video vixen is a female model who appears in hip-hop-oriented music videos. Many video vixens are aspiring actors, singers, dancers, or professional models.It could also simply mean a lady who appears in a music video.

Making an appearance might not be the concern and perhaps what they do in the videos and how they dress up might not settle well with Bahati.

Which is even controversial and shows the level of double standards on Bahati’s end.

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Bahati in his Nyota song has featured a video vixen and this triggered a lot of reactions from his fans.The Gospel Singer however downplayed it and defended himself.

Bahati says that he believes his daughter has a bright future and his thought is that she might become a musician or a presenter in the future.

He also added that the fact that she is still young, her interests might show as time goes by and as a father he is still observing that.

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