Exceptional Tr. Tabichi set for State commendation, TSC promotion and these

Shaikh Hamdan presents the Best teacher award to Peter Tabichi, a Maths and Physics teacher from Kenya, as Sunny Varkey, founder of the GESF, looks on. (Gulf News)

After winning arguably his greatest accolade yet, Peter Tabichi is set to continue with the overwhelming recognition.

On Wednesday, Tabichi was received by students and Teachers Service Commission boss Nancy Macharia after landing at the JKIA airport before attending a litany of interviews by radio and television stations.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia addressing the media

The TSC boss has since stated that Tabichi would be promoted, given a certificate of recognition and his name forwarded to the office of the Presidency in order to receive a state commendation.

The maths and science teacher was on Sunday awarded Sh100 million (USD 1 million after bagging the Varkey Foundation 2019 Global Teacher Prize.

He, however, had to follow a set of conditions in order to receive the money.

One of the rules to be followed include that he must continue teaching or providing educational support for the next five years, to students aged between 5 and 18 years in a school set up.

The 36-year-old teacher at Keriko Secondary School explained that he would use the money to improve the lives of his students and the school.

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“There are several projects that I wish to undertake. First, I will ensure that the school has access to clean water and secondly, build a well-equipped computer laboratory.

“I will also promote kitchen gardening in the community and support bright but needy children,” remarked Tabichi.

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