Why Kenyans are not happy with Safaricom’s Kocho Kocho Promotion

Shukrani Kochokocho

A substantial number of Kenyans have taken to social media to complain about Safaricom’s Shukrani Kochokocho Promotion.

The Giant Telco launched the promotion on 19th February, with the promise that they will award more than 100 people win KES 1 million each, and more than 5 million will walk home with lesser money and airtime.

Three weeks later, Safaricom has been sending messages to their clients saying that they have awarded more than two million customers. The truth is that most people have been awarded with 1 shilling airtime.

The criteria for winning anything on this promotion is also not clear since, some people have more than 2k points but have not won anything.

So is Safaricom counting those who won 1 bob airtime in their list of 2 million winners?

Someone has likened the Kochokocho messages to terrible sex.

I don’t know what’s more annoying
You Tube ads or Kochokocho messages 😣— Cheptoo Kitur 🇰🇪 (@KiturCheptoo) March 20, 2019

Have you won anything on the Safaricom Kochokocho Promo?

One thought on “Why Kenyans are not happy with Safaricom’s Kocho Kocho Promotion

  1. Your Comment Here …for us below the poverty line we shall never win such promotions. So continue arguing about it.

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