Octopizzo shares his Havard University Experience

Kenyan Rapper Octopizzo has shared his experience in studying at Harvard.

The Singer said that he recently signed up for studies there after he graduated after completing a course last year.

Octopizzo graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he was pursuing a short online executive course in Social Impact Strategy.

Octopizzo says that signed up for the other course immediately after and started the studies last month.

He admitted that studying is not easy and it has taught him to respect University students unlike how he held them with disregard years ago.

The Hip Hop artist added that the reason why he looked down upon the University students is because they also used to feel the same about those who learnt in the streets.

Octopizzo is currently studying Leadership Organizing and Action in Harvard and he says that he wants his children to see that it is possible to come from a humble background and study in such a high class University.

He also admits that it is challenging but he is determined to make it through.

On whether he plans to vie for a leadership role in the country and joining politics Octopizzo says that he believes that he has more power as an artist than when he becomes and MP and therefore he does not need to be in parliament to make changes in the society.

He however does not rule out joining leadership as he says that when they see that their people going through so much pain they will have to stand up and take the positions.

Here is the full interview courtesy Mseto East Africa

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