Laikipia: MP hits a senior Cop hard,finally arrested

Laikipia Women Representative Catherine

Laikipia Women Representative Catherine Waruguru in a heated argument with Nanyuki Police Station OCS Abdi  Ali

Laikipia Women representative Cate Waruguru was recorded on video abusing Nanyuki OCS Mr Abdi Ali.

Cate Waruguru was arrested after being accused of inciting Pro-box and Siesta operators who have for sometime being harassed by police.

Laikipia Women Rep arrested

“You cant arrest me,why dont you engage yourself with busy tasks of fighting terrorists and other crimes related”Waruguru said.

Probox and Sienta owners have been complaining of police harassment besides agitating for licences to operate as public service vehicles.

The vehicles are barred from offering public transport services under the Traffic Act and have been cited for overloading, carrying as many as 10 passengers in the five-seater cars.

She questioned the officer why they cant let Kenyans work freely as they dont harm anyone.

The officer is later seen saluting and leaving the scene to female officers who took her to police station.

Police officers arrest Laikipia Woman Rep

She was finally released as his supporters celebrated.

“Freedom last,my people can freely work without being disturbed by police.

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