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The pain of a leader’s massacre has been felt by many Kenyans following a threatening mungiki like sect rise terrorizing traders.The supreme court have in addition given blow in overturning ruling that freed Iranian terror suspects long time ago caught with dangerous explosives.

In other section of the country citizens boiled with fury after AP sprayed bullets on alleged side chick and baby mama and more disappointing was the arraigning of primary pupils over murder.


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University of Nairobi (UoN) students protested Thursday night following the death of their former student leader at the Institution.

The Kilimani ward rep Moses Ogeto is allegedly in custody after Ragira, former University of Nairobi student leader was shot dead outside Club 36 located opposite Nairobi Primary School.

Ragira had claimed that members of the outlawed Mungiki sect were behind the attacks on ‘Klabu’traders.

The goons have been demanding for a Sh 10,000 to Sh 20,000 fee depending on the size of the piece of land they operate from.

It is however on Thursday night that Ragira decided to confront the goons who shot and killed him on the spot.


Iranians Ahamad Abolfathi Mohammed, and Sayed

Two Iranians who were jailed for 15 years in 2013 over terror related charges on Friday secured their freedom after the Court of Appeal ruled that there was no sufficient evidence to link them to the bomb making material recovered in 2012.

The High Court had found Ahamad Abolfathi Mohammed, and Sayed Mansour Mousavi, guilty of concealing 15 kilogrammes of bomb making material in the country

On Friday, however, Appellate Judges Kihara Kariuki, Kathurima M’inoti and Agnes Murgor held that the circumstantial evidence relied on by both the High Court, and Magistrate Court, was so weak that it did not point to them as the only persons who could have placed the bomb making material, RDX, at the Mombasa Golf Course where it was found.


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An Administration police officer shot and killed his wife in Navakholo, Kakamega county on Thursday night after a  domestic quarrel.

The officer took off after killing his wife who is a teacher at Navakholo secondary school.

Residents later protested over the killing and blocked police from collecting the body.

Reports have however established that Ms Mahonga, a teacher at Navakholo Secondary School, was the suspect’s lover and not wife as has been widely reported.

Mr Apala has another woman in Navakholo, who his relatives know to be the police officer’s bonafide spouse.

The suspect and the deceased are parents to a 3-year-old girl.


Two pupils from Magire primary arraigned in murder case

Two pupils from Magire Primary School in Kericho have been arraigned in court after they were accused of murder.

The duo have been linked to the killing of Shadrack Rono, a Class 7 pupil at the school in Toroton location.

They were arraigned before Resident Magistrate Elizabeth Karani but did not take plea.

Police had requested for more time to conduct further investigations

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