Get a brush bro…Alex Iwobi humiliates Rennes player and Arsenal turn against him in trolls

Alex Iwobi trolled Rennes defender Hamari Traore in the Europa League on Thursday but Arsenal fans aren’t pleased with the way he went about doing it.

The Gunners star squared up to the 27-year-old in the dying embers of Thursday’s last-16 clash at the Emirates. And after exchanging a few words with Traore, Iwobi pulled away and held his nose, insinuating his rival had bad breath.

Sead Kolasinac was quick to pull his team-mate away from Traore to ensure he didn’t pick up an unnecessary yellow card, what with the result pretty much wrapped up and the game heading to its conclusion.

The gesture wasn’t brilliant received on social media, with some Arsenal fans calling the Nigeria international disrespectful.

“Iwobi was wrong on every level and Arsenal supporters are calling it savage and laughing,” wrote one fan.

A third wrote: “Really bad, Iwobi should apologise immediately.”

And a fourth concluded: “Distasteful and classless act from Iwobi last night. Anyone that try to defend him for doing that is sick in the head.”

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