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Netizens can’t keep calm on social media after popular artist Otile Brown post pics and people claimed that he was repeating the same clothes.

Otile Brown has been quietly making music and been on the down-low since his very public break up with Vera last year.

Otile Brown with Amber ray

The famous musician with a well toned body has been single since that time. On Thursday, he posted an image of himself with Amber Ray.

Otile Brown

But what was fascinating about it was the reaction many had to it.

They were more concerned with the clothes he was wearing than with the socialite he was posing with. The issue they had with the star was his constant repetition of clothes. ( “You know celebs are not allowed to repeat clothes!”)

They also had an issue with his style of unbuttoning his shirts. Some of the comments criticising and defending him are below:

Winston_sudhe: You have been wearing that one outfit forever yawa Otile

Otilebrown: @winston_sudhe Boss that suit is different and even the shoes .. never assume. Be keen

Marybfce: @otilebrown You owe no one and I repeat, no one an explanation about your wardrobe. Just saying

Stephenngat: Otile kwani Vera alikuibia maguo yawa haunanga zingine from January-December ni hio tu

Shillaclaron: @winston_sudhe does it matter? There is more to life you know, as long as it’s clean and nicely ironed. Dapper

inablizz: @otilebrown you don’t have to explain anything you don’t owe anyone an explanation even if it’s the same how does it matter😊

shilahboutique254: @winston_sudhe true he needs a stylist even the shoes if u go back amerudia mara kadhaa jameni

ledebbyjenn: @otilebrown I don’t think you owe anybody an explanation on what you wear and how long you have been wearing it. So now what, he expects you to report to him everytime you change clothes?🙄🙄

__roseflower: Can you haters just let my ni**ah shine with no bad comment abeeg !!!🙄❤️

fashion.kays_: Sasa hizi gym watu walianza kuenda.. it’s like wataanza kutembea naked…

reginaawinja: Otieno mbona wapenda kutembelea watu kifua wazi

annsheilam: Cha muimu huai si suit wivu tu ndio……….mnao

hammertonndex: My friend kuna pneumonia endelea kutembea kifua wazi ukiringa na tatoo na chest kama ya dove

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