5 tips on how to get over a breakup


Ever loved someone that when they leave, you wish the earth could open and swallow you alive?

Getting over a breakup is very hard especially when you obsessed with that person. Crying is healthy and gives you a stepping stone to your recollection.

However, when you are done with crying and feeling miserable you might want to look for solutions from your peers or family.

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This is a sample of what you need to do.
Accept the emptiness
With heartbreaks comes emptiness on the inside. Accept the grief that comes with being dumped and mourn the ugly situation. This is a big step to healing your heart

Cut off all the contacts
Fight the urge to place a call to that person. Having their number is a temptation. Don’t even ask their whereabouts from your mutual friends. Unfollow them on social media platforms, delete their phone numbers. Seize walking in their neighbourhood or even getting near to where they are. Remember out of sight out of mind.

Be honest with yourself
You know you got dumped and your feelings wrecked. They hurt your ‘ego’ and you can’t even believe it is happening, stay woke. However, you need to devote some time and go deep in thoughts on the compatibility of you and your ex and go to the drawing board and put down what might have made you break up. This will help if you planning on getting into another relationship.

Get your butt out of your room
After breakup, you don’t wanna go out or even face anyone at the moment. You feel the world is cruel and you fear your best friends laughing at you. But you will do yourself good than harm if you get up. Grab some coffee, go to a park and chill out. Don’t suffocate yourself.

Don’t scheme to get them back
Working out a revenge of raiding their house is awesome{hahahaha}. Don’t be centered on getting them back because you will find yourself on the same situation again. They left you already, give yourself some credit and don’t go crawling back to them, Pimp yourself well, eat balanced diet, let them see you happy and that might be a sweet revenge!

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