Willian: It is ‘unfair’ from the fans to boo Jorginho

Jorginho was once again booed by Chelsea own fans during the 1-1 draw against Wolverhampton last weekend.

Willian came to the defence of his teammate, arguing that it is an undeserved reaction, and it is certainly unfair on part of the fans to shun their own players:

“I think this is unfair from them. Of course, I don’t want to stay here talking about this situation but when they do that we don’t feel good inside the pitch.

“Even when the players aren’t in a good moment or don’t play well, we need the fans to support us until the end of the game. Jorginho is very important for us, a very good player, we know his quality, so we just need to continue to play in the same way.”

Recently Jorginho broke the silence about his relationship with Chelsea fans:

“The fans are entitled to have their opinion, to be supporters and think whatever they like. It also gives me the strength to work more to change their views on me.

”Even if they think I am Sarri’s man, I want to show them why Sarri likes me, that I am a good player and they are wrong to have that attitude towards me. But I have never had any doubts. I believe in myself. I know how hard I am working and how much effort I am putting in.”

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