Kenya ready for the nuclear race as president signs new energy law

The president has signed into a law a bill that will control the exploration of nuclear energy, among other things.

The new energy law in addition to other things proposes the foundation of three key national energy bodies to oversee and control vitality assets.

The law sets up the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation and the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority will be ordered to control age, importation, exportation, transmission, dispersion, supply and utilization of electrical energy except for permitting of atomic offices.

It will likewise be required to control importation, refining, exportation, transportation, stockpiling and closeout of oil and oil based commodities except for unrefined petroleum.

The Authority will likewise be required to oversee creation, change, dispersion, supply, promoting and utilization of sustainable power source.

The Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation will direct the execution of the Rural Electrification Program, deal with the Rural Electrification Program Fund and furthermore hotspot for extra assets for the Rural Electrification Program and sustainable power source.

The 2017 Petroleum Bill will give a system to contracting, investigating, creating and delivering oil.

The new law would likewise be utilized to detail national oil arrangement and direct oil tasks. It will be a reference point in the foundation of oil establishments.

Under the new law, the national government, province governments and neighborhood networks will get a decent amount of advantage from incomes radiating from oil activities.

An area government is to get an offer equal to 20 percent of the national government’s offer while neighborhood networks will get an offer identical to five percent of the national government share.

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