Here’s why you should definitely Switch to Airtel #GetWhatYouPayFor

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Its been an entertaining couple of days for Kenyans after Airtel Kenya launched their new campaign Advertisements on #GetWhatYouPayFor hashtag which s clearly taking shots at their biggest counterpart Safaricom.

Not only are they hilarious, they are very much spot on, as Kenyans have been complaining for ages as to the kind of service Safaricom offers their customers.

Well, for many, they are already used to Safaricom, and would rather go through with the misery than #SwitchToAirtel. However, for some of us already on the bandwagon in joining and using Airtel, we are truly reaping the benefits.

Let me give you just some of the benefits of using Airtel.

That being said, here are 8 reasons why you should switch to Airtel for good:

1. Best rates for voice, data and texts â€“ one of the many things I love about Airtel is that the prices for data, texts and bundles are pocket friendly – you get so much more at a good bargain.

Airtel to Airtel calls are free on the Tubonge tarrif while calling other networks is only KSh. 2.3!

What’s even more is they have combo bundles. This basically means that you can buy an all-in-one package that comes with data, voice and texts.

Dial *544#, select (3) UnlimiNET and then choose your preferred bundle.

2. Free WhatsApp â€“ what amazes me about Airtel’s free WhatsApp offer is that it does not eat into your bundles. You can download all those ‘large’ videos that you get on WhatsApp groups without having to worry about exhausting your data. The free WhatsApp offer is considered as a separate package.

3. No ghost subscription â€“ I’m sure most of you have experienced the annoying texts messages from services or subscriptions that you don’t remember opting in to. Well, at Airtel you will never experience such; all subscriptions have to be done by the individual.

4. After call-balance notifications â€“ after you call someone using your Airtel line, you’ll get pop up message telling you how much you’ve spent, the duration of the call and your balance. This helps in keeping track of your usage and balance call after call.

5. Introduction of super-fast 4G â€“ nothing beats the feeling of enjoying the same speeds when you travel out of town. Airtel has expanded its 4G coverage sites to over 40 new towns across the country including Kisumu, Nyeri, Meru, Nakuru, Bungoma, Lamu and Garissa among others. This means that you can enjoy instant uploads and express downloads from over 40 towns.

What’s even more is that you get 2GB free data when you upgrade your line to 4G!

6. Excellent customer service – when you call Airtel’s customer care line or seek assistance on their Twitter or Facebook pages, they get back to you and resolve the issue within a very short time. This is so as to ensure a seamless user experience.

7. Efficient automation â€“ whenever you subscribe to an auto-renewal service, your package will be renewed before expiry, this saves you the hassle of having to key in the USSD codes all the time.

8. Airtel’s Kopa Credo â€“ you may be familiar with those instances when you need airtime the most to make that urgent call but failed unfortunately because you lacked enough airtime on your phone. Not only are such moments really disappointing, but are also traumatizing to some extent.

This is where Airtel’s Kopa Credo service comes in handy. It allows you to access airtime during such moments when you need to talk to someone yet your phone is out of units.

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