Naiboi opens up about his love life and family

Kenyan Artist Naiboi has opened up about his love life and family.

The Singer, like many celebrities keeps his love and relationship life off the public domain and for once in an interview opened up to Mseto East Africa.

Naiboi currently has one child and he says that the main reason why he keeps his family off the public is the hate and the reactions that he sees other celebrities go through.

Naiboi says that he does not wish that his family goes through the same situation of online hate or any form of extreme attention by the public.

The Singer says that he is a family man and although it is difficult to handle a relationship he holds on because of his son.

Naiboi says that there are many times that he has had arguments with his lover but he faces the challenges and sacrifices for the sake of his son.

The artist also revealed that he did not grow up in a family setting and therefore it might not be as easy to be perfect now that he has his own.

The end goal however is his son who keeps holding him closer to the family set up.

He however maintains that he prefers to have some level of privacy when it comes to his personal life.

Have a look at the full interview courtesy Mseto East Africa

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