Blood discovered flowing to Nairobi River

Environment CS Keriako Tobiko and team. Photo/Courtesy

Wednesday this week, Environment Cabinet secretary Keriako Tobiko and team took an inspection voyage to Nairobi River.

All in open air gear, encountered the truth of what those responsible for keeping Nairobians safe have overlooked for a really long time: A poisonous stream that isn’t just dying gradually but serving residents with an early death. yet most likely biting the dust, yet hauling along numerous honest lives into an early grave.

The epicentre of this harming outrage where debased clinical waste—heaps of blood waste, HIV/Aids testing units, syringes and gloves—were found at Kirichwa stream, a tributary of Nairobi River at Kawangware ghettos.

Tobiko’s words caught the disaster that should be a real existence supporting wellspring of water for some Nairobians: “This is hazardous, we have to know and arraign people and wellbeing organizations arranging medicinal waste on the riverbed.”

National Environment Management Authority (Nema) chief general Prof Geoffrey Wahungu had at first coordinated that restorative waste be covered or consumed, however after meetings, he encouraged his group to gather the loss for legitimate transfer in incinerators.

Closer investigation by a local daily uncovered a disturbing actuality that blood in a portion of the syringes from HIV testing packs had constructive outcomes for the infection. “This isn’t just a situation issue yet in addition a national security risk,” Tobiko said.

Unlicensed healthcare centers and quack doctors around Kawangware and other casual settlements without any incinerators and other waste disposal facilities have been accused of what could be named endeavoured executions.

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