We Can Now Initiate M-Pesa Reversals From Safaricom App

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Safaricom has updated the SafaricomApp and now we have the ability to start M-Pesa reversals from our end, instead of having to call Safaricam Customer Care which my take a little longer for call connection.

The option is available on M-PESA > Mini Statement > and then click on the reverse button, which looks like the back navigation button in Android devices of the past.

We are glad that this is an option that finally does not require a user to make calls to customer care agents during that one time when you send money to the wrong person. I know the susceptibility of making that mistake has significantly dropped thanks to the introduction of Hakikisha, but there are instances where it happens; the STK or mySafaricom menu may fail to invoke Hakikisha (it has happened to me severally), or you may just input a wrong number during transactions.

It is also worth noting that the development is the fastest way to reverse transactions so far, and while making a call to customer care agents is swift, it cannot match a few taps to achieve the same goal.

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