Why Always Gatundu? Horror as Another Horrific Murder Graces Kiambu County

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Will the Murders ever stop? When will human beings finally learn that human life is sacred and should therefore be guarded and protected by all means?

Just weeks after the Gruesome murder of businesswoman Mary Wambui rocked Kiambu, the police are again trying to join the dots so as to solve the puzzle surrounding the murder of a Kiambu County Employee.

Police in Gatundu have arrested the wife of a Kiambu county employee, Samuel Karanja, whose body was found 10 metres away from his house yesterday.

Samuel Karanja is believed to have been killed in a fight with a neighbour. He was worker at the Kiambu water department and was attached to Gatundu subcounty.

Gatundu deputy police boss George Kipkoros said police were informed that a body had been found at Ngubuiri village in Kirangari location.

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Karanja’s wife, Lucy Nyaguthii, had earlier reported her husband missing at Gatundu police station. Nyaguthii said Karanja came home at about 9pm on Sunday but went out saying “he was going to pay a debt.” “After sometime, he returned accompanied by Paul Maina. They started fighting and went out together,” Nyaguthii said.

Maina is said to have cohabited with Nyaguthii when she briefly separated from her husband of nine years. Nyaguthii said Karanja did not return home and that she decided to report him missing after taking their two children to school.

Police found blood stains on the bed used by the couple and also discovered Karanja’s clothes inside a toilet. Nyaguthii insisted the murder did not take place in their compound but police found burned items in a suspected cover up bid.

Gatundu senior chief Joseph Njiraiini said the couple had marital differences. He said he had often intervened to save the marriage.

Kipkoros said Karanja’s body had visible injuries inflicted by a blunt object. Preliminary investigations showed Karanja was murdered in his house and the body dumped in a nearby plot. Nyaguthii was detained at Gatundu police station to help in investigations.

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