How To Get The Attention Of Your Crush


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“Why the bloody hell would you waste your time trying to get a guy’s attention??

And anyway, a guy should like you for the kind of person you are, NOT your appearance.”

“What if I told you, that I don’t take care of my nails, I don’t moisturize, I never wear makeup, I only shower and use deodorant, I wear whatever I want (pajamas if I’m sleepy enough), and have a bad attitude from time to time and my boyfriend likes me the way I am. Cuz yeah, if a guy likes you he should like you for who you are, not your appearance.” They wonder…

But that’s not always the case. Men care about these things.

Ladies have been advised not to spend their time and energy trying to catch a boy’s attention!!

But they are going to anyway…

  1. Wear things and clothes that will make you confident
  2. Ensure that your hair is always done.
  3. Your nails should be polished or at the very least done.
  4. Smell good. Always take a shower and wear nice colognes and perfumes. Keep in mind you should never do it.
  5. Don’t change up in front of your friends.
  6. Stay away from drama and fights
  7. Make-up works miracles, but you should not always wear your makeup. Give him a chance to see the ‘real you’ every now and then.

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