Hilarious ‘Tetema’ video which is even better than the original


Kenyans with the unending rib-cracking videos and memes have become a daily dose in the media industry. Comedy and vines have deviated from the mainstream media to social media platforms.

Celebrated comedian, Eric Omondi was a pioneer of social media quest for his loyal fans and sharing his content. After leaving Churchill show, Omondi continued with his skits to social media and has seen him attract brands and fans from across Africa.

The social media has in a way. bridged the gap between artists and fans. Artists who get rejected in mainstream media can develop their career just from the comfort of their homes. Timothy Njuguna popularly known as Njugush, is yet another promising superstar for his wordy moves is on another level. Seth Gor and George Kimani also are an example of artists who push their content on social media.

Songs from across Africa and mostly the Wasafi record label has been in the spotlight for receiving massive love from Kenya. The covers to this songs are even way hilarious than the original song. Eric Omondi being a lover of covers never disappoints in his authentic and creative lyrics.

With the new trends in youngsters taking over the industry, you might just have a different version of cool. The ‘sitima’ cover has its lyrics in black and white. Creative, funny and talented they are.

Check out the video;

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