Should Kenyan Artists reciprocate fans support and be more interactive?


A section of Kenyan artists have been faulted for being egocentric and  having a sense of superiority.

Kenyans feel that they are giving them the support they need but some do not reciprocate that love by being less interactive with their fans.

From several reactions online, some are questioning why some artists do not follow anyone on social media.

Some do not use that platform to interact with their  supporters even once in a while.

Popular Kenyan blogger Abraham Mutai claims that for a group like Sauti Sol not to follow their fans how do they just expect to make money from people they care less about.

He also claims that most of the artists are not putting the effort  beyond their music like in giving back and helping to raise their society.

Also highlights on International artists who have been taking part in Community social responsibility  and comparing the situation with Kenyan Artists not much can be told.

One Kenyans says that  Justin Bieber showed a sense of humility by following over 600 thousand people yet he  has 104 Million followers on twitter.

Bringing us to the question of what  is the real measure of an artist to be able to get the full support?

Personally I think that  if social media was the measure then not so many would have our support.

This Play Kenyan Music debate has brought many things into light and I feel that it calls for re-looking at all the major concerns and being able to address the same.

Do you think Kenyan artists need to follow fans and be more interactive on social media?

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