Khaligraph Jones fires back; Fan claims he is using initimidation to push agenda


Kenyan Rapper Khaligraph Jones has today fired back at a fan who claimed that he is using intimidation to force people to listen to Kenyan Music.

This is after an incident where the artist called out an NRG Radio Presenter; Xtian Dela for sharing  controversial songs and sarcastically calling upon Kenyans to support such songs.

Khaligraph Jones told him that he is being ignorant and that will not contribute to the boosting of the  industry.

Xtian Dela settled for keeping his account private after Khaligraph Jones hit him hard with the facts.

A fan however jumped in and accused Khaligraph Jones for using intimidation.

He also says that he hopes the same strategy will be used  to force people  to buy tickets in order to show up for their concerts.

Khaligraph  tackled the fan saying that if he is troubled by hunger, he should send his number and he will send him money so that  he may buy something to eat.

This campaign has seen the real OG unleash the no nonsense side of him and he has assured that although change  might come at a slow pace, he is glad that some media stations  are already implementing .

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