Jose Mourinho speak on his next step

Jose Mourinho has said he will not comment on rumours suggesting he will be back to management soon.

Manchester United sacked the two-time Champions League winning manager and Mourinho says he is not surprised by the suggestions that Real Madrid is in his pursuit. The Portuguese managed the Los Blancos between 2010 and 2013 and left on good terms with the club’s president Fiorentino Perez.

“If any professional — a manager or a player — is wanted by a former club, it means we did something positive. I felt this when I went back to Chelsea in 2013. When any professional returns to a club it is a tremendous honour. They’re not signing someone they don’t know, they are going for someone they know, someone who has already been there. But when I am not managing, I love that people do not talk about me and the best way to achieve that is for me to also not talk.” told Correo da Manha

Earlier, reports had claimed Benfica had approached the former Chelsea and Inter Milan boss but Mourinho clarified that no such approach was made by the Portuguese side.

“I have no intention of working in Portugal at all. The best way to respect a great club [Benfica] and a great president is to say that I was not approached. Today, I am not an option for Benfica,” Mou added.

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