Alfred ousts Kalonzo as Ukambani Kingpin

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua on Thursday said the new-found unity between him and colleagues Charity Ngilu and Prof Kivutha Kibwana is unstoppable.

He said on Thursday they agreed to work together for the sake of development.

Mutua blamed “an individual with national leadership ambitions” for planning to smear the drive with propaganda yet the people of Ukambani remain impoverished.

The governor said on Twitter the individual, he did not name, is the cause of the division and wrangles in counties of Ukambani.

“The same individual, who publicly pretends to be a peacemaker, is busy creating a crisis. When there is division he sits pretty because no one is asking him weekie ata? ” [What have you done for your people?”] he said.

Mutua said the unity among governors is making a few leaders uncomfortable.

“The whims of an individual and his sycophants will never deny our people their rights. Our people need wealth, jobs, water, electricity, roads and the youth need to be empowered. We will stand up for our people’s rights,” he said.

Mutua said MCAs are being used to disrupt development programmes.

During a rally in Machakos on Wednesday, the three governors told Kalonzo to call Wiper MCAs to orders.

“People should know that the old tricks of keeping people in poverty so that they hold you as their only messiah is gone. This is a new Kenya. We have vigilant citizens who are demanding for a new crop of leaders,” Mutua said.

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