How the fracas in Jubilee is resurrecting nearly extinct parties

The scuffle in Jubilee party one cannot at any point say that it does not have any impact. Those words pronounced by David Murathe then Raphael Tuju are loud enough to cause the capsize of the whole Jubilee party.

But their noise is just summoning the nearly extinct parties to raise again. Will they act as a plan B to those who will escape from the storm and the victims?

Democratic Party, Party of National Unity and Kanu in Mount Kenya are now up on their feet.

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The former strong parties, which at one point led the nation, are taking advantage of the divisions in the region to rebrand, build networks and win grassroots support.

Mount Kenya bigwigs want to use the parties as vehicles to negotiate a stake in the post-President Uhuru Kenyatta era.

The three parties have already held delegates conferences to pass tough resolutions that will shape their individual agenda.

“We are putting in place things that will revive the party and push its political activities,” DP chairman Esau Kioni said on the phone.

“Only the position of party leader has not been filled and we are looking forward to someone who is responsible and can deliver,” DP national organizing secretary Peter Njagi added.

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“Apart from the party being associated with Kibaki, he also performed. It is easy to sell DP.”

Jubilee was to hold internal elections in January 2018 after President Uhuru promised that interim officials would run the party for 90 days. It is yet to do so.

The differences in the party have been sparked by succession politics. Jubilee bigwigs say the party’s future remains unpredictable and believe the DP will fill the void left.


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