Teachers arrested for misbehaving during the holiday

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Teachers and students in Kenya better be acting right as the authorities are keenly monitoring their moves and action is already being taken on the hard headed who refuse to listen to instructions.

Two teachers have been arrested while offering holiday tuition to over 200 students at Pioneer School in Langa Langa, Nakuru County.

According to area chief George Nga’nga, the teachers were charging Ksh.1,200 per subject and four subjects were offered with attendance over 200 students drawn from various schools.

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The teachers were taken to Bondeni police station to be processed and ready for arraignment.

In July, Education CS Amina Mohamed ruled out holiday tuition by schools saying that government policy and regulations stated that the teaching of learners during school holidays is illegal.

The CS said the Basic Education Act outlaws holiday tuition where schools provide tuition during April, August and December Holidays at a fee.

She underscored the need for all schools to adhere to the ban on holiday tuition stating that action will be taken against any institution doing the opposite.

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“Appropriate disciplinary and criminal proceedings will be taken against schools, and teachers who contravene the laws and regulations against holiday tuition,” she said.

In the August holiday she pointed out that all public and private schools had closed for the August holidays in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education 2018 school calendar that fixed August 3, 2018 as the last day of the second term.

In emphasis she stated that any form of holiday tuition is in contravention of Section 37 of the Basic Education Act that outlaws the practice.

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While commenting on the effectiveness of ban of holiday tuition on Education news,one revealed,”I sincerely thank the Government for bringing to an end this absurdity. It had been a source of financial stress on parents and guardians besides needlessly stressing students by denying them time to rest.”

“I wish to bring to the attention of the Ministry of Education, TSC and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development an emergent evil and patently sinister practice to in formal education system in this country.
This is the loading of students with too much homework when they leave for the holidays. Some form of homework is beneficial to students, but assigning excessive amounts of homework is counterproductive.”

Do you support the ban of holiday tuition in Kenya?

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