”Ulijuaje niko 4th year? ” How kenyan campus ladies spend their four years

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Many college students think campus life is a playground and exercise to freedom . however many dont realize that their actions follow them after school.

College is supposed to be the best years of your life, but just how true is that really? Ask any graduate about their time at college and I bet you a lot of them will tell you that there are a lot of things they regret: things that they could have done differently, and things that they just didn’t do at all but should’ve.

It’s a Friday evening and I am on my way to my room. On my hand am carrying a kilo of maize flour and sukuma wiki, the classy ‘naked’ ladies in my class call it ‘kales’. There is nothing to smile about as my Sponsor “HELB” has not credited my account yet since I reported back to Campus.

My uncle who pays my school fees has not been receiving my calls for a while now for obvious reasons. Life has not been easy; I’m the most disappointed guy living on planet earth if not in hell!

On my way I meet two ladies in company of two young men holding each other’s hands heading in the opposite direction, perhaps they are heading to the most celebrated place in campus, you guessed right, yes, F2. This is the place where the “rich” boys … sorry ‘men’ take ‘desperate’ ladies.

Not desperate for love as my grand-mother would have put it, but desperate for money. To be honest I’ve no idea how F2 looks like but if my sponsor responds in time I might be heading there soon.

Not to drink but to catch a glimpse of how it looks, if I make a mistake of stepping there with my current state they might mistake me for a thief. Aha! Am kidding anyway! Which Campus lady will dare date a broke guy like me? Who will dare dance with a guy wearing material trousers in a club? All these fears limit one from going into a club.

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The two ladies stare at me like a dirty rag abandoned by a street boy in the ghetto, this makes me even sicker. These are the kind of sexy flamboyant ladies who leave lecturers and campus dudes salivating and fantasizing for a passionate romantic night together, the type your mother warned you never to date! “Do these ladies know the guy they are staring at?” Sorry I forgot to say, am pursuing a degree in Telecommunication Engineering perhaps the most eminent course in the varsity that will make any lady abandon their rooms to come and stay with me, just to have a feeling of staying with an engineer aha… Yes believe me you!

I decide to let them go, cursing the gods for having met such arrogant daughters and sons of men. Before going far, I decide to take a look on my phone maybe someone might have mistakenly sent me some ‘M-pesa’. To my surprise I find a notification message from my roommate, “Hey bruh, usicome room leo, Shiko just came visiting en ofcoz it’s a sleep over, good night man” (Hey brother, Shiko has just come for a sleep over at our place, don’t come). These words crush me completely, I’m left with one option, to look for a place to spend the night. “But why is Omolo being so selfish?” Does he know I haven’t taken anything since morning?” Questions cross my mind but I have no option, after all, even if I proceed to my room, Omolo is never going to open for me.Related image

Many college graduates have regrets about their romantic relationships. A lot of students who happened to be in a serious relationship during their time at college believe it was too early for them, while those who were single said they missed out on opportunities as they didn’t take any risks or failed to identify if there were any. Since college students have more freedom than they will ever experience later on in life, it makes sense that they would’ve preferred to be single in college.

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