I was called ugly, Carol Odero finally opens up

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Beauty is not just the face but who you are from the inside.

Well all girls love being told they are beautiful and the mention of the word ugly demoralises them to depression hence low self esteem.

But hey we all beautiful in our own way right?


Fashion Icon and Citizen TV fashion watch panelist Carol Odero has come out telling her story of how she struggled with being called ugly.

This is the most devastating thing ever one can tell anyone no matter who they are.

Carol who is known for her bold look, with fiery red hair, bold lips and a confident personality, has established herself as one of the most self-assured women in the media industry.

But her journey especially being in the limelight and more so as a fashion icon has not been the best at all.

While speaking to Conture Magazine Carol said, “My flawless skin broke out at 29… I sunk money into skincare and lifestyle. I got trolled for having acne. Threads confident in my ugly. That was actually the word used. Ugly. Other women were effortlessly beautiful so why was I working so hard to earn mine dammit! It would seem I was destined to be on the wrong side of beauty my entire life.”

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In addition she said that years passed of critics and being told she was too black, that my hair was too something, my arms too toned, my body a little too strong and agile looking, my muchness simply too much, a switch flipped in my head. I hate this cliché but it is ever so perfect. I found my beauty as dramatic as it was. I embraced me.”

At some point she was trolled for having acne and was even labelled ugly.


Carol was at one point trolled for apparently trashing the Duchess of Sussex wedding gown on her wedding day in May.She further made it worse  for critising Megan’s make up saying it was not outstanding arguing that Kenyan brides would beat her at her own game a statement that did not go so well with her as Kots took out of her.

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