Shock!!Motorist attempts to knock down traffic police

It seems like the motorists  are angered by the so called “Michuki Rules” and are trying to hit back at the officers.

Today morning a traffic police officer has escaped death by a whisker after a driver tried knocking him down along Mfangano street Nairobi County.

According to the police and witnesses who were at the scene, the driver driving a personal seven seater car almost knocked down the police who was stopping him to have his car checked.

In his defense, the police officer hit the car’s windscreen before jumping off the road to escape death.

Eye witnesses say the car was not authorized to carry travellers going long distances.

This comes days after motorists operating along Jogoo road in Nairobi county arrested a traffic police officer who was alleged to be driving while drunk near City Stadium in Nairobi.

The angered  workers stopped the officer who was driving his car and took off his uniform.

One of the touts climbed on top of the vehicle brandishing the clothes as a sign of displeasure with the officer being under the influence.

A crowd had gathered at the scene forcing the embarrassed officer to remain in his car.

The traffic officer was later handed to the Divisional traffic officers at Makongeni

This  incidents have  happened just a few days after the police and ministry of transport started implementing the strict Michuki rules that have seen many matatus out of the road.

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