President Uhuru sheds light on 2022 Presidential campaigns strategy.


What is your ideal state for presidential campaigns in Kenya? Since independence their is no single time when Kenya managed to run an election and campaign that is not aligned to different tribes.

The formation of political unions in the country during campaign periods is usually achieved by leaders from a particular tribe ganging together. Then the conviction is based on “huyu ni mtu wetu, mpeni kura zenu”(This is one of us let us vote for him)

That has been the tune tell me any other tune you know apart from that?

This has caused divisions in the country for the longest time ever. Look at the 2007 post election violence that claimed more than 1000 innocent lives and hundred displaced? The reason is still the same, fighting to defend their tribe.

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking during the burial of Kalonzo’s father, Peter Kalonzo has clearly stated that the campaign should be an open forum. Every leader with the ambition should be free to campaign without borders.

The President has also urged the Kenyans to be conscious and pick the leaders depending on the strength of their memorandum.

The President has also woe those who depend on tribal mercy to gain political seats. Through the handshake the President has raised it has helped build bridges in the country.

The President has also reiterated the importance of unity in the nation as it can help in achieving the development agenda. Political division divides the country and starves the counties off the development plan.

He has also insisted on respect among the leaders and support the government in achieving the big four agenda will steer the lifestyles of people to greater levels.



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