Uchungu wa mama: Police killed my two innocent sons on the same day and now I am left with orphans

Benna Buluma, who lost two children to extrajudicial killings, speaks to Dandora Justice Centre / EZEKIEL AMING’A

A woman has narrated how she lost her two sons on the same day to rogue policemen who have been accused of extra judicial killings in Nairobi slums.

According to Bena Buluma, police executed her two sons, when they coming home from work in August last year.

Victor and Bernard were killed in cold blood by police on stage 10 in Mathare around 2:30 pm on 9th August 2017. Victor, 22, was shot on back and Bernard, 27, on the head and died instantly.

“I now have two orphans that I have to take care of and I don’t have a job. My children were killed and I can say before God that they were not thieves,” she said.

Agony written all over her face, Buluma lamented about the arbitrary killing saying that the police should arrest and charge the suspected youths instead.

“No mothers gives birth to child to become a thief or go to the university. We are left with burden and we are suffering. Let them arrest and jail them. It is painful,” she said.

Kenyan police are on the spot for killing innocent civilians in Nairobi’s Dandora and Mathare slums.

Social Justice Centre and Police Reform Working Group raised a red flag over the rising cases of extrajudicial executions in informal settlements and called on the government to act swiftly and stop the killings. It is believed that 24 Kenyans were killed in the month of October alone.

Dandora Community Justice Center coordinator Wilfred Olal said that witnesses who come out to provide information to the investigating agencies have been trailed, intimidated and some killed by the same officers. Human rights advocates following up the cases have too been threatened.

The groups urged IPOA and Internal affairs unit to expedite investigations into the executions and prosecute the culprits

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