Eric Omondi’s Project that is transforming the comedy Industry

Eric Omondi is one of the Kenyan Comedian that has kept the comedy industry alive for the longest  time. The Comedian unleashed a project months ago and fans can see the fruits of his efforts.

The Eric Omondi Stadium Tour is a project began months ago and the  comedian has already visited over 11 stadiums  including Kisumu and Eldoret.

By the end of the tour, Eric Omondi will have toured about 47 stadiums. The tour is an attempt to introduce a new type of comedy. Aiming at not only telling  the jokes (Stand up comedy) but also be able to show it as well (Action comedy).

According to post by the comedian, the stadium tours are with the intention to carry on the Spirit of Unity (HandShake, HugShake).

An attempt to take Kenyans back to those days so we can appreciate where we are today and where we have come from and forge forward together.

“It is an encouragement to the younger talented generation that anything is possible and achievable so long as umeamka, umeoga na umetoka” reads post

The comedy project by Eric Omondi is a big life changing move to the youth and  his willingness to support talented youth is absolutely a bonus.

What do you think about this project by the King of Comedy?

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