“Otile starved off happiness!” Vera gifts hot new boyfriend with a flashy ride.

Vera Sidika has come out to prove that she deserves to be the queen. But does she really deserve the crown?

Vera has been on the limelight for the past few weeks. This after their public break up with the coastal singer Otile Brown, over 500k. According to the screenshot of the chat between Vera and Otile, he had requested for the money to get a new ride, Mercedes Benz to be specific.

The two had earlier buried the hatchet and decided to settle back together but silently without the social media that was experienced before. This was after Otile releasing “Baby Love’ hit that saw Vera Featuring as the vixen. This was agreed despite claims of abortion that were raised by Otile through his song “Niacheni.”

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It did end up for Otile as the dirty linen was washed in public and the Instagram in-laws were quick to hurl stones. But Otile has came out publicly to apologize to the top socialite.

Though Otile went ahead again to release “NOBODY” which he says “ukiachwa achika.” Those lines were aimed to her ex Vera. Otile also defended his manhood saying that nobody can take away his happiness.

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But it seems Vera Sidika had a ready replacement for Otile Brown. The break up was delaying the new things.

Vera right now has been seen in various places around the city parading his new Tanzanian boyfriend Calisah.

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Fine like wine ?.

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Calisah has been in number of relationships with top Tanzanian actress like Wema Sepetu that ended up being bitter after exposing of nudes on social media.

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It's real always.

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Right now Vera is rocking with Calisah who is her new flavor.

You know what!

Vera has gone ahead to gift him with a new Mercedes Benz just to prove that she is a boss lady and that she is craving for a new love adventure with this Tanzanian hot slay boy.



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