Best Kenya Airways to New York review YET!

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We were all super excited when Kenya Airways made history and launched the country’s inaugural direct flight from Kenya to the United States. However, one thing was missing… Of all those who were traveled in the KQ flight, no one shared with Kenyans the nitty gritty’s of the flight.

In case you are still feeling FOMO, don’t worry. One Vincent Ochieng AKA Captain Ozwald (on Twitter as @VinieO) today shared his experience on the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and guess what? His review will make you feel like you like you were in that plane as he shares with us everything that happened from the time he checked in at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport till the minute he landed back in Nairobi.


Whoa! What an experience right? I’m not sure whether the thread increased your fear of missing out or gave you a bit if closure but at least we now have some insight into the much celebrated flight.

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Vinie pointed out that the plane has no WiFi on-board, quite a tall order for the millennial generation.

Would you survive 15 hours without an internet connection?

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