VIDEOS: “Wiggle whine,” on WhatsApp find out why.

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I think the best ever good news right now if you ask any Kenyan , is the move by Airtel to introduce free WhatsApp. Who is not excited after all? Those calls:

“Babe nitumie credo nibuy bundles , ndio niingie online uone vile leo i slayed.”

They are over. It is a relief. No more cries over expensive bundles. Those moments when you just checking the status from your crush , then boom! “You have below 2mb please top up to continue enjoying the services,” are over.

WhatsApp is growing to be among the commonly used means of communication in the country right now. The WhatsApp has features that has made the process of communication even much more easier. Someone can video call, chat freely and faster, share videos and even right now update status and people can view.

Most companies have adopted the use of WhatsApp has a site they use to communicate information to the staff because it is faster and the response has even been made easier.

The move will most definitely win more customers who were pressed by the high charges from other communication networks in the country.

This comes only a few days after other communication companies , Telcom and Safaricom hiked their call rates. This means Kenyans have to spend more to make calls.

With Airtel making ‘whatsApp chat sare’ most Kenyans have absolutely find solace, a shelter to protect them.

How Do you Feel about the new Airtel move to make WhatsApp Sare?

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