Chilling Confession By Shakahola Gravedigger, Why He Locks Himself in Bedroom; Win for Raila After Bipartisan Team’s Move & King Charles III Set for Kenya Visit

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Much has been said about President William Ruto’s media interview held on Sunday, May 14.

Amid all the disgruntlement, Citizen TV journalist Ayub Abdikadir managed to stand out with his bold confrontation with the Head of State regarding the elephant in the country: The looming housing levy.

Ayub has been the subject of a lot of criticism, but the truth remains that he voiced what is in the mind of every Kenyan, or at least, every economically struggling Kenyan.

While the government’s plan is quite ambitious, the fact that it is being implemented in Kenya brings in a big issue.

We live in a country where accountability is still hope for the far future, which is why citizens are so skeptical about the whole arrangement.

How many of our elderly citizens make trips to government offices trying to get their retirement savings, decades after their retirement?

How can the President assure us that this fund, should it be made mandatory, will really benefit us when its maturity time comes?

Although perhaps wrongly worded, Ayub was on the right track by asking the Head of State about the true intent of the levy.

As the wise men once said, do not shoot the messenger.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News this morning,

Chilling Confession By Shakahola Gravedigger, Why He Locks Himself in Bedroom

Shakahola: 10 more bodies exhumed as tally hits 211 : K24 TV

A local publication has highlighted a story of one of the experiences of workers in Shakahola who is helping detectives and forensic experts by digging graves.

The grave digger who was anonymously identified as Jack revealed that his worst experience is when he exhumed bodies of children which is emotionally draining and he sometimes feels like quitting.

He has narrated that he however has no option since the bodies must be retrieved but he has to put on a brave face to continue with his work.

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Win for Raila After Bipartisan Team’s Move

Punda amechoka!' Raila slams President Ruto at Mukami Kimathi's burial over  tax hike

Days after former Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga complained that the bipartisan talks should not be limited to parliament, the bipartisan team that represents him and His Excellency the Head of State president William Ruto has made a new agreement.

According to sources, the team has settled down on a hybrid system that will see Raila Odinga’s proposal of an outside parliament process to happen.

This is a major development that is likely to be in line with what the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance leader proposed since it will give other stakeholders who are not parliamentarians a chance to voice their take.

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King Charles III Set for Kenya Visit

King Charles III Set to Visit Kenya in Emotional Tour, Strengthen  Commonwealth Ties -

Newly crowned King Charles III of the United Kingdom will be visiting Kenya later this year as part of the Crown’s efforts to strengthen ties with Commonwealth nations around the world.

This will be King Charles’ fifth visit to Kenya and his first official trip to the country since his coronation at Westminster Abbey in London two weeks ago.

Kenya even sent its soldiers to the UK to take part in a joint parade ahead of the coronation.

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