NIS Officers Reveal Mackenzie’s Shakahola Cult Activities Reports Were Ignored; Gachagua’s Main Political Nemesis With KKA Revealed & GSU Officer And His Family Missing Amid Shakahola Cult Probe

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The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) has rejected the proposed three per cent housing levy.

Kuppet Secretary General Akelo Misori said yesterday that after-tax increases for National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), 7.5 per cent for retirement contributions and higher Value Added Tax (VAT), house rent, electricity and even mobile banking services, teachers cannot afford to pay any new taxes.

Misori said teachers will not allow any additional taxation before a significant pay increase.

“The basic tenet of labour relations in Kenya is a tripartite dialogue between the government, employers and workers.

Dialogue is particularly vital in the implementation of policies that affect workers’ earnings and benefits. The proposed tax must be taken through a process of public participation including teachers themselves,” said Misori, who spoke in Nairobi.

Misori urged the government to be sensitive to the plight of workers, avoid disruptive policies and to consult widely on any measure that may impact workers’ salaries.

“We are truly shocked that the government can propose a new tax on teachers’ salaries when what teachers were expecting is a salary increment,” he said.

Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Gachagua’s Main Political Nemesis Within KKA Revealed as Details of What’s Being Planned Leak Today

Laikipia East Member of Parliament Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri has positioned himself as the main political challenger to Deputy President Hon Rigathi Gachagua regarding the issue of Mt Kenya Politics even as other reports indicated that there is a well-drawn plan to deflate Gachagua’s influence in the region by selling the Opposition’s agenda.

According to the reports by the local publication, it is said that the Laikipia East MP Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri who is a bonafide Member of Kenya Kwanza has in recent days been staging a fight against the Deputy President with those aware of the development said he is eying for the Mt Kenya Kingpin Position and possible President William Ruto pick as 2027 running mate.

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NIS Officers Reveal How Reports They Made on Pst Mackenzie’s Shakahola Cult Activities Were Ignored

The push and pull, the blame game continues to be witnessed over the deaths of over 90 Kenyans at Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s hands.

The Good Life International Church leader has been running a cultic religion over the past years in Kilifi County without being detected by security agencies.

Security agencies ranging from Assistant Chiefs to National Intelligence Service are being blamed for not uncovering Mackenzie’s actions.

However, the security agency on the higher receiving end is the National Intelligence Service(NIS) which is mandated is gathering Intelligence reports in the country.

NIS is being blamed for not collecting intelligence reports despite some areas members from the Shakahola making reports in the past five years.

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GSU officer, wife and mother missing amid Shakahola cult probe

A Nairobi-based General Service Unit (GSU) officer, his wife and his mother are among dozens of people reported missing, as the investigation into the macabre cult in Shakahola, Kilifi County, continues.

According to close family members, the GSU officer, Isaac Ngala,36, his wife Emily Wanje,35, and his mother joined the deadly cult between 2019 and 2020.

Already, the bodies of two of Mr Ngala’s children — Imani Ngala (two years) and Seth Ngala (five years) — have been exhumed and positively identified by the family.

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